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Nature encompasses all that lives, grows and flowers. Nature can be experienced. Nature can be studied. Royal Dutch Society for Natural History (KNNV) is a society which aims at active participation in and with nature: through the enjoyment of nature, through natural history studies and through nature conservation. In other words the KNNV is a society for field biology.

The KNNV is interested in numerous subjects such as:

Foreign Affairs Committee

The Algemene Buitenland Commissie (ABC = Foreign Affairs Committee) has the task to co-ordinate and to stimulate activities abroad.

The central mission of KNNV is to support bilateral projects with partners abroad with the goal to transfer knowledge and experience about nature conservation and nature study. This work can only be done in close co-operation with colleague institutions in these countries. The KNNV gives a priority for support of countries in Europe which are focussed towards development of democratic standards including taking into account responsibility for environment and nature.

A many-sided society

The KNNV is within its field a many-sided society. Interest in nature and knowledge of nature go hand in hand. It can be enjoyed by young and old. Its members include not only professionals but also amateurs wanting to learn more.

The KNNV is an active society. Excursions, camps, trips, lectures, these are only part of the programme organized by and for KNNV members.

Members also recieve the society's magazine "Natura". This contains informative articles on natural history subjects, nature conservation, book reviews and recent KNNV news. Members also enjoy a considerable price reduction on books published by the KNNV.

Who is the KNNV for?

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