What is the KNNV?

KNNV stands for  Koninklijke Nederlandse Natuurhistorische Vereniging, in English, the Royal Dutch Natural History Society. Founded in 1905, it has a long tradition, and as a society for field biology, it is open to everyone interested in learning more about nature.  

Going on a field trip, enjoying being outside in natural surroundings and  studying wildlife by visiting various habitats, is just one of our activities. Moreover, on such trips, just because of the informal atmosphere and the mix of interests of those taking part, you learn a lot from each other.

Excursions are also organised, either locally, by bike or walking, or by car to other parts of the country.

There are also meetings in the evening where particular groups of animals or plants are studied with specialists. Here in Wageningen we have various working groups. These are for insects, with separate groups for  butterflies and dragonflies as also for moths, higher plants, mosses, lichens, birds, bats and fungi.

Although Dutch is spoken on field trips and during the working group evenings, most members speak English and with the common interest in nature this should not be a barrier to communication! It is perhaps also nice to know that some of the field trips take place regularly in a particular area as part of a monitoring scheme or inventory. These results are then sent in to the national data bank of the Dutch flora and fauna. After validation, the results can be accessed by those concerned with nature conservation, ranging from governmental organizations to NGOs and advisory bureaus. In this way, going back to message of our slogan, ontdek, beleef, bescherm, members not only enjoy nature and discover more about it but also help protect it with their data on species presence and distribution!

The KNNV has 53 branches spread over the Netherlands. It publishes a magazine NATURA, in Dutch, four times a year, with articles on various aspects of nature and its conservation.

Our branch of Wageningen and surroundings has members living in Wageningen, Bennekom, Ede Renkum and Rhenen, as well as villages south of the Rhine in the OverBetuwe and NederBetuwe. At present, we have about 430 members. 

Should you be interested in becoming a member yourself, or would just like to come along on a field trip or attend an evening at a study group to see if the KNNV appeals to you, please send an e-mail to Ineke Ammerlaan, our treasurer: penningmeester@wageningen-eo.knnv.nl

The membership fee in 2015 for under 26s is €20.00 a year, otherwise €33.50.  If you decide to join our Wageningen branch, you will receive our newsletter URTICA which as well as reporting past events and other branch news in Dutch, has a list of activities for the coming three months.

Our branch also gives you the opportunity to buy KNNV publications at a reduced price.

In short, the KNNV brings together people interested in wildlife in particular and nature in general, enabling them to enjoy nature in an informal atmosphere, on a field trip, or KNNV holiday, at home or abroad, and to discover more about it by studying in a working group or attending lectures. Lastly, the Society helps them to protect nature by gathering data that can be of use to others involved in conservation and planning.

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